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About Circle of Renewal

In our modern society, we spend time educating ourselves. We work jobs and build careers to support ourselves and nurture our minds. We raise our children and tend to our yards. We care for neighbors and loved ones. We carve out time for the gym, to cook and to clean. But how many of us make space in our lives for personal renewal?

Modern living feels busier than ever—our bodies, minds and spirits need to be recharged as much as our laptops and phones. Yet we don't have the tools, spaces or habits to incorporate practices and efforts that feed us deeply from the inside out. Whether you are seeking a deeper connection with a supportive community, looking to live a more compassionate and honest life, hoping to heal past wounds and slights, working to silence your inner critic or seeking ways to settle down your racing mind, we want to embark on that journey with you.


We live, work and practice in Northeast Ohio—with online programing that lets you join us from anywhere in the world—and we are here to collaborate with you on a variety of ways that you can bring a practice of renewal, healing and growth into your life and your community. Explore our circles for women and girls and our special gatherings and workshops. Or learn more about how we can create a customized experience with you.

Inspirations and Teachings

We've studied and researched meditation, mindfulness, interpersonal communications, trauma responsive practices, somatic healing, yoga and yoga therapy, women's and gender studies, women's spirituality, empowerment practices based on modern science and ancient wisdom, global ceremonies to honor transition in every cycle of life, feminism, archetypes, literature and poetry, connecting with nature, and ​more to bring you a full spectrum of tools to create deeper connections—with yourself, with your family and with your community. 

Connecting and Receiving

Our goal with Circle of Renewal is to provide you with a supportive and non-judgmental space to find true, deep connections and an opportunity to focus on receiving. When you enter our circle, you have freedom to be as you are and to focus on your own personal growth and healing. Here is a space where you can put aside your work and home "to-do" lists to focus on your own path, your own spirituality, your own growth and your own connections to a community.

Our Team

Chris Keller

Chris creates soulful programs that facilitate inner awakening and empowerment. Whether working one-on-one or in large groups  she creates space to find inspiration and motivation to express your voice, feel alive in your body, anchor in your heart and live from a place of fierce love and kindness. 

A certified, experienced yoga teacher she has taught and practiced yoga and meditation for more than 20 years.  Chris helps individuals reignite their passion and purpose through private coaching sessions and facilitates  retreats, wellness circles and workshops.

Christine Coolick

A professional communicator, Christine has a social science degree in Speech Communication with a focus on interpersonal communications, through which she's explored the dynamics of one-on-one, small group and intercultural communications. She is a certified meditation teacher, mindfulness coach, nature lover, mother, researcher, reader and lover of trying new things.

Chris and Christine

Ready to make your own Circle of Renewal connection?
Explore our special events and circles or contact us for a customized experience!

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