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Workshops & Special Events

All our workshops and events take place in a judgment-free zone. You are encouraged to show up “as you are” and know that you will be held in a safe and comfortable space by your facilitator and fellow participants.

**Registration for this event is now closed**

An In-Person Retreat

Let that Sh#t Go!
The Art & Practice of Sweet Surrender

Learning how to let go of resentment, frustration and control 


July 10, 2021

10 a.m.-
2 p.m.

Hidden Lake Shelter

7024 Kniffen Rd, Painesville, Ohio 44077

Registration is now closed

Let’s be honest - we all want to feel like we are in control.

Being in control of our lives and our health, being in control of our future security, it helps us all feel safer and more assured.


What happens when this safety and sense of control is shattered by the unexpected?

What happens when life’s high expectations, are not met?

We become burnt out and exhausted with the striving.

Weighed down by self-judgment or the judgements of others, resentments and frustrations build.

We are left feeling powerless and maybe even hopeless.

We become more disconnected from what truly makes us happy.

Can you relate?

Striving for control creates a lot of inner pressure and expectations that increase stress and anxiety and sucks the joy out of life.

Learning to let go of resentments and frustrations and the things you cannot control is a game changer.

What would it mean to reduce that pressure? To let go of resentments, self-judgements, false beliefs, and expectations in a conscious and supported way?

This workshop creates an opportunity to pause and authentically explore your thoughts and behaviors and let go of what is no longer serving you.


Learn to let go of the frustrations, resentments and unhealthy patterns that have built up over time.


Learn how to let go without fear or guilt.

In a supportive and nonjudgmental space come and reconnect to what is most important to you, what is most precious – reconnect to your “why”, your purpose and your passions.  Set yourself on a new course for exploring your deepest and most fulfilled self all by learning the art and practice and the sweetness of surrender.

Chris Keller will be leading this in-person retreat. All Covid-19 protocols and social distancing requirements will be met. To stay within current health guidelines, we request all participants bring their own packed lunch. Tea and individually sealed snacks will be provided.

This retreat will be held at the beautiful and secluded Hidden Lake Shelter in Painesville Township, Ohio – about a 45-minute drive east of Cleveland.

More information about what to expect and what to bring to the retreat will be provided at the time of registration.

Any questions in the meantime feel free to reach out to Chris at or call/text 216-777-0677.

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