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If we succeed in empowering girls,
we'll succeed in everything else.


—Desmond Tutu


A customizable 7-circle journey of connection and empowerment designed for girls and teens

Create a circle of girls connecting with each other while growing in their own awareness and self-confidence

Customizable girls circle available in person or 100% online


Our girls circle model lets your girl or teen develop a trusted group of peers to embark upon a journey of sisterhood, growth and self-discovery. Our circle firetender will work with you to schedule a 7-circle journey on a timeline that works for you and your sisters, and join you for each circle to facilitate this sacred process. 


What a wonderful time to be a girl. Never before have women and girls experienced as much freedom, opportunity and raw #girlpower as now. And yet. Our girls receive mixed messages from society. They are inundated with opposing views about their appearance, demeanor and place. We encourage our girls to reach for the moon, yet we nitpick whether they should be permitted to wear leggings and tank tops along the way. We tell them they can pursue any passion, while at the same time telling them to "be careful," "be less bossy," and "smile more."  


Our girls long for the freedom to fully step into themselves and sing their own soul's song—to offer their gifts to the world with confidence, clarity and a strong understanding of who they are. They also crave authentic, deep connections to others—support that comes without judgment, a true sisterhood—a space where a tight-knit group of girls see and embrace them in their entirety.                


This is the space for girls to find their voice and step into their own.                                                                                                           

Girl-Ascending is a 7-circle journey within—surrounded by the loving support of a sisterhood. This program is a  blend of personal development, self-love, ancient wisdom practices, sacred community and deep-listening circles. Your group of girls meets in circle and explores a curriculum dedicated to the journey of confidence building, living authentically, nurturing self-respect, and finding community and connection. The girls will learn what it means to step into their own truth and power, and what it means to live in the comfort of a sisterhood.

It is every girl's birthright to live from a place of confidence, inner wisdom and love. Girl-Ascending is here to nurture that space and that journey—to help our girls claim their gifts and share them lovingly with others. This program will help our girls understand that there is no one like each of them out there, and the world needs the gifts of what only they have to offer. Through this journey, they will become clear on who they are in their own unique brilliance, and fully awaken to their right to live life on their own terms.

The Girl-Ascending journey includes:

  • 7 live, online or in-person gatherings that feature deep-listening circles with a dedicated group of girls and facilitator, who commit to show up in support and appreciation of one another 

  • Exercises, practices and activities to help each girl fully connect with each circle's theme

  • Report-outs to parents/guardians regarding the subjects addressed as well as supplemental exercises and questions to be used to further the program's explorations, as desired (Please Note: General descriptions of the subjects discussed and exercises completed will be shared, but each girls' personal comments in circle will remain confidential.)


Frequently Asked Questions About Girl-Ascending


What are Deep-Listening Circles?

Deep-listening circles are special, inclusive and safe spaces that help us step out of ordinary time and enter an accepting environment to explore our personal development and growth. Deep-listening circles are vital to allow for the evolution of our physical, emotional and mindful unfolding to step into our most confident and authentic self. Circles are intentionally without a fixed goal or metric. Instead it is a process of unraveling, unwinding, trusting and relaxing into the truth, the beauty, the power and the wholeness already inherent within each of us.


Who is Girl-Ascending Perfect For?

  • Girls who are looking for sisterhood and who crave an authentic, real and deep connection to a close group of peers

  • Girls who want to be empowered, who yearn for more, who are exploring their voice

  • Girls who are seeking a broader skills set to handle the trials of life with confidence, comfort and support

  • Girls who have been struggling with any of the following: self-care, perfectionism, self-criticism, guilt, anxiety, self-doubt, comparing, feeling dissatisfied or overwhelmed

  • Girls who are willing to commit the time and show up for their fellow sisters monthly

  • Girls who want someone to root for them and who will root for others.

  • Girls who want to live their life to the fullest and who are willing to step ever so slightly out of their comfort zone to begin a new adventure. 


Who is Girl-Ascending Not Perfect For?

  • Girls who are not open to hearing new ideas and ways of thinking about things.

  • Girls who are not willing to support or engage or grow with other girls.

  • Girls who aren't able to follow the guidelines of not interrupting another member during their turn to share during circle or who cannot keep what is shared in circle confidential.

  • Girls who aren't able to put in the time or effort to be present for themselves and others.


Please note: Girl-Ascending is not a therapeutic or medical program. If you are looking for treatment for a specific condition or for an acute crisis, this program is not equipped to meet those needs. We ask that you consult a medical professional instead.



Girl-Ascending: Circle Curriculum

First Circle
Embracing Your Girldom


We kick off our program with as much GIRL POWER as you can handle. We explore what it means to be a girl, to embrace our feminine qualities and to take a deep dive into what messaging we receive from society about what it means to be a girl versus what we feel it ourselves to be: our strengths—strengths tied to our gender and our individual selves. We'll ask our girls to be critical thinkers as we break down the facade of lies that have ever held a single girl back. We will firmly place our CROWNS on our heads and learn to live from a place that embraces our fabulous GIRL POWER.


Additionally, we will learn what it means to step into circle—to suspend time from our daily lives and enter a sacred space of being heard, seen and supported by our circle of peers. Each girl has a story to tell and in that telling, we can set ourselves and others free. At this first gathering, we step into the safe space of being held within a circle of girls—a circle where there is nothing to be or to prove. We slow down from the pace of life to connect to our authentic experiences. We allow ourselves to be as we are, without the demands of the outside world. We will learn how to sit together in circle, and we will lay down our roots to strengthen and grow together.  We will learn how deep listening is an essential tool of transformation.


Second Circle
Stepping into Confidence


Our girls are too quick to lose their confidence at this important transitional age. How quickly our little girls go from embracing their full, awesome, raw power to second-guessing their choices and seeking outside approval. We explore what it means to have self-respect and to grow our confidence in ourselves—that we are worthy of love, respect and space. We'll dive into our own strengths and weaknesses and learn to fully embrace all the sides of ourselves. We'll commit to never believing we are worthy of less because we are imperfect beings—because we all are, and we are ALL deserving of love, respect and appreciation.



Third Circle
The Gift of Forgiveness


Hurt can run deep. Hurt is something we unknowingly have learned to hold onto and become wary of the future. In this month, we explore what it means to embrace forgiveness—to forgive others and, importantly, to forgive ourselves. For our imperfections, missteps and mistakes. To see that to err is human and—just as we will make mistakes over and over again in our lives, so will others. That we can learn and grow while not holding on to grudges or refusing to forgive. To learn that forgiveness is one of the most important gifts we can ever give ourselves.


Fourth Circle
Valuing Self-Care


Our girls go, do, dream, reach, build, learn and strive. This month, we'll set aside all the doing and focus on the being. Learning at a young age how to give yourself time and space for self-care can set them up for a lifetime of health and wellness. Prioritizing "me" time is a valuable gift our girls can give to themselves, and learning what provides them with renewal—what rebalances them, what nurtures them, what soothes them—is important to explore and learn how to incorporate into their lives for years to come.                                                                                                            

Fifth Circle
Being Present


We learn how to educate ourselves, we learn how to take care of our bodies, we learn the value of filling ourselves up with proper nutrition and the importance of physical exercise. But do we, as a society, ever take the time to learn about how to use our minds—how to care for and nurture a healthy relationship with our inner voice? This circle, we'll explore the concept of living mindfully—connected to the present, aware of our thought patterns, and not caught up in cycles of negative self-talk, worrying about the future, or churning over events from the past. Learning how to have a healthy relationship with your thoughts and your mind is one of the most powerful skills a girl can learn to live a balanced, calm and low-stress life.


Girls should love their bodies! Our bodies are amazing and powerful—they let us explore this world and pursue our dreams. With the onset of adolescence, we may notice that our girls feel more self conscious about their bodies and less confident in moving freely in the world. This month, we celebrate our bodies and practice  T A K I N G  U P  S P A C E !  We explore through movement and connection with our magical, amazing, strong, incredible, talented physical selves.


Sixth Circle
Moving Comfortably in Our Bodies



Seventh Circle
Reflecting on Our Journey and Embracing Our Futures

In our last month together, our girls will shine and sparkle as we reflect on the personal journeys we have each had through Girl-Ascending, as well as the support we have felt and the connections we have made. We plan for continuing our own personal journeys as we move forward as a graduate of Girl-Ascending, with a ritual passage symbolizing our accomplishments as a confident, strong, supported and UNSTOPPABLE girl. We'll **shamelessly** celebrate each other, our journey together and our own worth. With a circle of girls cheering each other on, our girls will felt seen, held, heard and LOVED.




"Being a part of a girls circle has been such an exciting journey. In circle, I feel free to express and share any of my thoughts and feelings. The girls in it have been so kind and understanding. I always look forward to circles knowing I am loved when I am there. After participating in these circle I move forward in my life, happier, more confident and free of a lot of stress. I always grow with each circle."

—ROSE, age 13

"What I love most about girls circle is that you have a sense of safety, love and freedom all at once. You have your time to speak and a time to listen. No one judges you or comments unless you ask. Nothing that you say comes out of the room you said it in. If you are having a hard time, they teach you how to cope with it. You learn things you didn't think teachable. But my favorite thing about girls circle is that it is a topic not everyone covers or explains, and to learn about what's really going on is very helpful and reassuring."  

- ANNE, age 11

Let your girls soar!

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