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Join us for our Grand Opening Celebration on Sat., Nov. 9th!

To celebrate the opening of our new space at 9181 Chillicothe Rd. in Kirtland, Ohio, we're offering a full day of free classes, food and fun!​

Join us starting at 10 a.m. on Sat., Nov. 9th for a ribbon cutting ceremony and stay for free half-hour classes until 4 p.m. Plus, we're offering free food, and free henna from 1 to 4 p.m. 

And 10-20% off our class passes for all purchases made at the event!

Space is limited for the classes, so reserve your spot below now!

Free half-hour class schedule



Ribbon Cutting

Help us kick off our GRAND OPENING day with a quick and sweet ribbon cutting ceremony at 10 a.m. Be a part of the energy that fills this new space with community, inclusion and love. We are so excited to open our doors in Kirtland!



Power Yoga (no heat)

Enjoy this free half-hour preview of our Power Yoga class. This fun, high-energy class is designed specifically for those seeking a strong practice. Build strength, stamina, balance and flexibility. This class will include familiar postures, and breath-directed flowing sequences. Modified versions of more challenging postures will always be given.



Intro to Meditation & Mindfulness

Learn how to manage stress, become more resilient, engage in self-care, sharpen your awareness and truly live in each moment by developing a practice of meditation and mindfulness. Be introduced to the basics of developing a meditation practice and learn how to become more mindful in every aspect of your life.



Gentle Flow Yoga

This class is a soulful celebration of yoga and movement. This creative class is designed with the intention to gain greater flexibility in body and mind through a gentle-paced sequence of flowing yoga postures. Leave feeling energized and centered.



All-Levels Express Flow Yoga

This class is a perfect way to create space and serenity for yourself each day. This short and sweet class offers a complete and balanced practice including: sun salutations, stretching and strengthening postures, breathing exercises and a short meditation. 


Power Yoga-Dance Fusion

Discover an exhilarating approach to body-spirit fitness that incorporates elements of yoga, dance, movement therapy and Qigong with rhythms of music from around the world. Experience reconnection with the joy of spontaneous movement and the freedom to explore and express yourself. No experience necessary. Come and experience a class of fun, sweat and smiles.



All-Ages Vinyasa Yoga

Bring your partner, friends, kids, grandkids or just yourself to this fun and flowing class that focuses on dynamic and unique sequencing of yoga postures. We move, stretch and breathe. We use music to inspire and a simple and easy meditation to calm. This class is an engaging approach to gain strength, flexibility, coordination and focus.



Yoga Nidra

Looking for a simple and accessible form of meditation designed for modern living? Yoga nidra's roots are ancient, but this method of meditative self-inquiry is presented in a form accessible for modern living. Yoga nidra brings the healing benefits of yogic and meditative practices to a wide variety of people. Practicing this form of yoga will allow you to more easily tap into a place of inner calm, build resiliency and manage stress. 



Gong Sound Bath

Help us close our GRAND OPENING event with a special, free half-hour Gong Sound Bath! Rest on your mat while the ancient sounds and vibrations of a gong "wash" you over, calming your mind and relaxing your body. Leave with a sense of peace and well-being. Led by special instructor Lizbeth Wolfe.

Curious about our regular line-up of classes? Check out our class descriptions and schedule!

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