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There’s a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this is neither. This season is about becoming.


—S. Neiquest


A 6-circle journey of sacred self-discovery

Create a circle of women reconnecting with their radiance and sisterhood

Customizable women's circle available in person or 100% online 


Our women's circle model let's you bring together a group of women to embark upon a journey of sisterhood, growth and self-discovery. Our circle firetender will work with you to schedule a 6-circle journey on a timeline that works for you and your sisters, and join you for each circle to facilitate this sacred process. 


Are you ready to renew your sense of self and your purpose, and grow within a supportive sisterhood?

If you long for the freedom to just be yourself and share that with others. You long to feel confident and express your passion, power, and presence. You want to make a change. You yearn to slow down and live a more connected life. You want clarity. You crave to be held by a sisterhood—a tight-knit group of women who see and embrace all of you, and who hold a soft place to land, just for you. A place of tenderness and non-judgement.  


Welcome home, Sister. You are not alone. You have found the right place.


Woman-Becoming is a 6-circle journey home to yourself. This program is a blend of personal development, self-love, sacred wisdom practices and a strong community of women dedicated to deep listening and non-judgment.


We will schedule circles online or in person once a week, once a month, or on a personalized timeline for 6-circles and explore our truths and our shadow as we take a journey of re-becoming, re-learning, and embracing again the lost teachings of the feminine and sisterhood.

We will reclaim and define what it is to be a woman standing in her truth and power individually and as a collective.

This circle should be developed among a group of women who are willing to dedicate themselves to create a community for each other in support of personal growth and embrace each other in joyful and supportive connection.

Belonging is our birthright and is essential to living a sacred life.

We will gather together to claim our gifts and share them. To hear and release old stories and patterns so that our inner truth and radiance can shine through.

Are you ready for a metamorphosis?

The Woman-Becoming journey includes:

  • 6  women’s circles, with a dedicated group of women who show up in sisterhood to support one another

  • Ancient and modern wisdom practices designed specifically to create a powerful sanctuary of non-judgment and inspiration to share and listen deeply

  • Woman-Becoming curriculum + embodiment practices to learn how to better resource and bring support to your personal nurturance and nourishment so you can stay anchored in your power


These circles will be led by Chris Keller E-CYT 500 Yoga & Meditation Instructor and teacher in the feminine path of awakening. She is the creatrix and founder of Woman-Becoming.

This program is customizable to ALL who are inspired by the Feminine and all Her many expressions.

Pink Bubbles

By participating in this sacred journey, you will:

  • Awaken your inner fire and confidence

  • Anchor into your power

  • Explore what it feels like to be confident, strong, and radiant in your body.

  • Tenderly embrace yourself for being perfectly imperfect.

  • Receive deep connection, belonging and support.

  • Access embodiment practices to release core wounds surrounding fear, shame, and guilt.

  • Prioritize and up-level your needs and desires and experience more aliveness, more pleasure, and more reasons to celebrate life!

  • Deepen your connection to your inner-wisdom to create boundaries that support your life.

  • Explore having more compassion and perspective for those places in you that you believe are unlovable, unforgiveable, or lacking within yourself.

  • Learn ways to super-charge your ability to live life from a place of abundance. Meaning: more time, more energy, and more resources to do the things you love.

  • Fall in love with yourself FOR REAL! Unabashedly, unapologetically TUNE IN AND TURN ON  your inner power and fire. So, you can ignite that part of you that creates and sparks your biggest passions in life.


The biggest benefits of the program:   

Ditch Toxic Relationships: to people, food, shopping or whatever is weighing you down and limiting your ability to show up in your life in healthy ways. Learn  how to connect to your wisdom, inner-power, and confidence to create healthy boundaries and supportive relationships in your life.


Bust Being Stuck feeling unhealthy, numbed out, weighed down and anxious by life. Explore how to nourish and nurture your deepest desires and resource yourself from within. Create space so you can blossom into a lifestyle and mindset that supports vibrant health on the inside and out so you can do your soul work and feel alive and radiant living a life you love.


Stop Feeling Alone and Unsupported. Create a supportive group of women who witness and honor your authentic feelings, thoughts, and experiences with tenderness and without judgment. Women who cheer you on and give one another permission to be perfectly imperfect. Get the support you need and never feel alone when you become a part of this transformative group that honors you and your growth and healing. 

Create this circle and walk with confidence and feel supported, powerful, and heard.


Frequently Asked Questions About Woman-Becoming


What are Deep-Listening Circles?

Deep-listening circles are an inclusive and supportive space, that help us step out of ordinary time and enter an accepting environment to explore our healing. Deep listening is receptive listening. Being fully present for another as they share their story is an offering of respect and honors their humanity. By being a receptive listener, you provide an act of service that offers validation to the speaker who feels seen and heard. This is a precious gift. Validation is an essential human need and promotes deep healing and growth. Deep-listening circles are a practice without a fixed goal or metric that create a space for the blossoming and evolution of physical, emotional, and spiritual unfolding and helps reclaim our most authentic and whole self.


Who should I invite to be a part of my circle?

Who is Woman-Becoming Perfect For?

  • Those who feel meh, parched, worn out, burned out, numb, and you crave deep soul nourishment and connection.

  • Those who realize the insane amount of effort it takes to be perfect isn't really worth it.

  • Those who want a fresh start, a new beginning, more growth, a different way of relating.

  • Those who are ready to change your game and are looking for something deeper.

  • Those who are willing to try something new.

  • Those who are sick of the shallow stuff. You are craving authentic, real, and deep relationships built from soul-connecting discussions filled with support, encouragement, non-judgment, and belly laughs.

  • Those who see through the hollow compromises and the shallow currency of comparison, scarcity, and fear that our culture propagates. 

  • Those who have been struggling with any of the following: self-care, perfectionism, self-criticism, guilt, anxiety, self-doubt, comparing, feeling dissatisfied or overwhelmed with your current state and are ready to feel freedom from these.

  • Those who are willing to commit the time and do the work to change things.

  • Those who want someone to root for you and you want to root for them

  • Those who are done comparing, blaming, and complaining and are ready to start living your most authentic life with passion.


Who is Woman-Becoming Not Perfect For?

  • Those who are not open to hearing new ideas and ways of thinking about things.

  • Those who like being perfect and think everyone else should be too.

  • Those who are not willing to support or engage or grow with other women.

  • Those who believe there is a “right way” to do things and you offer people unsolicited advice about that “right way.”

  • Those who do not think an open and community approach will help you.

  • Those who are looking for a quick fix and/or want to gain something specific.

  • Those who tend to blame others, circumstances or be dramatic.

  • Those who are not willing to put in the time or effort to change your circumstances.


Please note: Woman-Becoming is not a therapeutic or medical program. If you are looking for treatment for a specific condition or are experiencing an acute crisis, this program is not equipped to meet those needs. We ask that you consult a medical professional instead.



Circle One
Your Story



As women we are a mixture of knowing and mystery, we each have a story to tell and in that telling, we can set ourselves and others free. At this first gathering, we suspend time and step into the safe space of being held within a circle of women. In this circle there is nothing to be or to prove. We slow down and reclaim our experiences for personal and collective healing.

Circle Two

Say What?!

Conversations with Your Inner Voice

Some of our inner “selves” or voices can speak to us far more harshly than we would ever speak to a friend or stranger. Those uncompromising and cruel internal criticisms hinder growth and joy. This week we will explore understanding what our inner voice is really trying to tell us. We take time to nurture a relationship that is more compassionate and understanding of our inner voice and explore the concept of living mindfully—connected to the present, aware of our thought patterns, and not caught up in cycles of negative self-talk, worrying about the future, or churning over events from the past.


Circle Three

Compassionate Clarity

Sometimes we forget our worth and slip into patterns of existence that are not in alignment with the best version of us. Boundaries can be sticky, tricky things. Many of us have not been afforded the experience to explore what creating and nurturing boundaries that keep us in good alignment look and feel like. We will take time to explore how creating and maintaining boundaries can have a huge impact on the quality of our life. 


Circle Four

You are More than Enough


We will curiously dive deep into the stories, symbols and beliefs that make us who we are to gain more clarity around if that story moves us toward awareness or confusion. Towards suffering or liberation.


Circle Five

Your Needs Your Way


What if taking care of yourself was considered a radical act of self-love? When we respect our worth, embrace and celebrate it, we naturally take better care of ourselves and those around us. We will explore what taking responsibility for our own personal wants and needs means and craft a plan to seriously up-level our connection to joy, vitality and inner-radiance.

Circle Six

Living on Purpose

We are told: "You should eat this," "You should do that, "You should be more, look more, do more ..."

Should, could, would are all words designed to keep us playing small and exhausted. When we make ourselves busy doing all the "doing", and fulfilling all the “shoulds,” we deny ourselves the real food that nourishes our souls. There is a quiet inner voice within each of us that knows the way. That voice is courageous and honest, and it will not lie to you. It will never say 'should' and it is living just under the surface, waiting for you to leap into a life aligned with joy, abundance, and purpose.



Woman-Becoming: Circle Curriculum


"Being part of a Circle has been everything to me as these women are such a blessing. We share life's excitement, sorrows, challenges, adventures and everything in between; coming to our Circle each month from our various life-paths and simply being with one another has been a beautiful experience. It's incredible to reflect upon what we've all been capable of teaching one another over the moons. I'm truly blown away, and I look forward to a lifelong connection with these women as we continue life's adventures together!"


Taking part in this program has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined.  By dedicating myself to attending women's circles once a month, I was gifting myself with the time to explore my own heart, to heal, and to grow.  As a result, I now move through the world more confidently, more grounded, and with less anxiety.  Engaging in this self reflective work in the presence of a group of supportive women in circle has improved my personal and professional relationships outside of the circle.  What I cherish most are the deep friendships I have made.  In a society where women are so often pitted against each other, judged harshly, and expected to be perfect, I am so grateful to have found a place devoid of any of that expectation.  This is not self-help; this is transformation.  


"These circles have ignited a spark in my heart, they help me get clear about who I am and my purpose. They have helped me let go and find more peace."


"I laugh so much in these circles it makes me feel like a kid again!"


"I am drawn to the genuineness of these healing circles. They provide me with so much warmth and meaning."


"It is hard to convey in words the power of what happens in the circle through seemingly simple practices. For me, it was a deeply embodied spiritual experience, a simultaneous blossoming from the inside out. All nurtured and nourished by the circle and loving presence of women."


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