Women's Circles & Connection Circles

"The new model of leadership is not about hierarchies of power but about circles of collaboration. For us to become true leaders, we must embrace each other as allies and give one another permission to shine."

—Tanya Lynn

Women's Circles 

Special gatherings that build a safe space to connect

Next circle: Fri., May 29  |  7-8:30 p.m.  |  ONLINE

Join us as we explore our thoughts, feelings and experiences in unprecedented times

At Circle of Renewal we are creating a culture of nourished, empowered and connected women.


Join us for a fun evening to laugh, connect and renew. Come and learn how to hold space and share in this gathering created specifically to build sisterhood.


Gathering together in a women's circle can provide connection and empowerment in a way many of us have never experienced. Choosing to come together regularly in a space of honesty, trust and compassion is a powerful way to create lasting connections and support one another while learning new tools to facilitate personal growth and transformation.

Together, we can create a space where we know we are understood and where we know our voice is valued.

What to Expect:

Dress comfortably and have a mat, pillow or blanket to sit on.

We usually start with gentle movement or meditation.


We’ll sit together—creating a safe space to break free from the craziness of everyday life and allow time for quiet self-reflection.


We’ll share—honestly, authentically and without fear of labels. Every month we will have a new theme to discuss.


We’ll listen—without judgment, without advice or trying to “fix” anything.


This is not a networking event or support group but something much deeper and soulful. Open minds and open hearts are welcome.  No previous experience is necessary. 

You will leave feeling confident, empowered and supported.

Our women's circles are the same as all of our classes, so you can use a single class drop-in, multi-class pass or unlimited pass to attend.

See our schedule to register.

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Woman-Becoming: A 9-month journey of sacred self-discovery


The current session is underway. The next session will take place October 2020-June 2021

Do you long for the freedom to be yourself and sing your soul’s song? Do you want to feel confident and fully expressed, to give your gifts to the world and find the courage to make a change? If so, then our new Woman-Becoming program is your chance to slow down, live a more connected life and join a tight-knit group of women who will see and embrace all of you. Woman-Becoming is a 9-month journey home to yourself. This program is a blend of personal development, self-love, ancient wisdom practices, community and healing circles. We will meet in circle monthly and explore a curriculum dedicated to the journey of re-becoming, re-learning and embracing again the lost teachings of the Feminine and sisterhood. This program will be open to a limited number of women who are willing to dedicate themselves to showing up monthly to create a community for each other in support of personal growth and change.

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