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Women's Circles, Girls Empowerment Circles & 
Deep-Listening Circles

"The new model of leadership is not about hierarchies of power but about circles of collaboration. For us to become true leaders, we must embrace each other as allies and give one another permission to shine."

—Tanya Lynn

Have you experienced the magic of sitting in circle?


What are circles?

Find out what a circle is and what it means to be a part of a woman's or girls circle



Learn about our customizable woman's circle model



Learn about our customizable circle for girls and teens

What is a Women's Circle or Deep-Listening Circle? 

Women's Circles, Girls Empowerment Circles and Deep-Listening Circles are special gatherings that build a supportive space to connect, explore within and finding healing and growth.

At Circle of Renewal we are creating a culture of nourished, empowered and connected women and girls.


Our circles are meant to create spaces to laugh, connect and renew. We learn how to hold space and share in gatherings created specifically to build connection and sisterhood.


Gathering together in a women's circle or girls circle can provide connection and soul nourishment in a way many of us have never experienced. Choosing to come together regularly in a space of honesty, trust and compassion is a powerful way to create lasting connections and support one another while learning new tools to inspire and motivate personal growth and transformation.

Together, we can create a space where we know we are understood and where we know our voice is valued.

What are Deep-Listening Circles?

Deep-listening circles are an inclusive and supportive space, that help us step out of ordinary time and enter an accepting environment to explore our healing. Deep listening is receptive listening. Being fully present for another as they share their story is an offering of respect and honors their humanity. By being a receptive listener, you provide an act of service that offers validation to the speaker who feels seen and heard. This is a precious gift. Validation is an essential human need and promotes deep healing and growth. Deep-listening circles are a practice without a fixed goal or metric that create a space for the blossoming and evolution of our physical, emotional, and spiritual unfolding and helps us reclaim our most authentic and whole self.


Why Women-Only in Women’s Circles?

When we gather as women, we get to explore womanhood without the dominant lens of patriarchy. This allows for a deepening of innate wisdom that is much needed and that has been suppressed by dominant western culture and toxic patriarchy. Creating a separate space in this way does not create more division. The intention is to foster a soft, compassionate, and receptive space of genuine connection and non-judgment where full expression is encouraged as a tool for healing.

How do you define woman?

All those who identify as a woman are welcome to participate in our women’s circles. That includes cis and transgender women and any other person who identifies as a woman. We work to ask the questions and explore how we can be our most authentic selves and create a space that is open and affirming for everyone along the vast spectrum of gender identity.

What to Expect in one of our circles:

Dress comfortably and have a private space to join via our virtual platform. You may wish to have a mat, pillow or blanket nearby. We usually start with gentle movement or meditation.


We sit together—creating a supportive and inclusive space to break free from the craziness of everyday life and allow time for quiet self-reflection.


We share—honestly, authentically and only with permission. Every circle we will have a new theme to discuss.


We listen—without judgment, without advice or trying to “fix” anything.


This is not a networking event or support group but something much deeper and soulful. Open minds and open hearts are welcome.  No previous experience is necessary. 

You will leave feeling nourished, nurtured and supported.

What is Circle?
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